Поразительно правдивые скетчи из жизни девушек

Художница из Лос-Анджелеса Аманда Олеандер выкладывает в соцсети классные иллюстрации из жизни девушек. Получаются веселые и жизненные скетчи без прикрас. На рисунках девушки бреют ноги, сидят голышом на диване и несексуально стоят под душем.

Это Аманда

Это ее скетчи


Drawing 65/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge. This is me every time we need to leave somewhere and I get asked are you ready. . . . Then I say “almost!”, and then @joeyrudman says “no rush, there’s never a rush” and I fall deeper in love ? My whole life at home with my family I was ALWAYS rushed. I didn’t know another way of life. I always felt like my mom, sisters, dad or someone was always rushing me. Especially my mom she always rushes me and wakes me up ? She would wake me up in a rush. Now the words I always hear are “no need to rush” and it’s music to my ears ? ( I love you mom I know you can’t help but rush me ❤) ————————————————— Este soy yo cada vez que tenemos que irnos a algún lugar y me preguntan si estás listo. . . . Luego digo “casi!”, y luego @joeyrudman dice “sin prisa, nunca hay prisa” y me enamoro más profundamente ? Toda mi vida en casa con mi familia SIEMPRE me apresuraron. No sabía otra forma de vida. Siempre sentí que mi mamá, hermanas, papá o alguien siempre me estaba apurando. Especialmente mi madre, ella siempre me apura y me despiertaba. Me despertaba apresuradamente. Ahora las palabras que siempre escucho es “no hay necesidad de apresurarse” y es música para mis oídos ? (Te amo mamá, sé que no puedes evitar apresurarme ❤) ————————————————— Time-lapse of the process of this drawing in my IG story! ———————————————————— Art prints and original paintings on the site link in bio?

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Drawing 62/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge. Some of the best nights are with those friends that you stay up all night talking, crying and laughing with. I cherish my best friends so much. Every time we re-unite it’s always non/stop talking until the wee hours of the morning. . . Now a days it’s so hard to make those kinds of friends because everyone is so busy, or married with kids and those life responsibilities kick in so the older I get the more I cherish these special moments I have shared with beautiful souls. Some I don’t talk to very often anymore and there are a few in which our bond has only grown stronger throughout the years. And then there is @stephattanasio921 who calls me everyday on her drive home from work so we don’t skip a beat in what’s happening in each others lives. ?? Whatever it may be I am thankful for the fun times ?✨ ———————————————— Algunas de las mejores noches son con esos amigos con los que te pasas la noche hablando, llorando y riendo. Aprecio mucho a mis mejores amigas. Cada vez que nos volvemos a unir, siempre hablamos ininterrumpidamente hasta altas horas de la madrugada. . ————————————————— Prints and originals available on my site, link in bio??

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Drawing 45/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge. Comment your interpretation to this before reading my thought behind it! . . . . Many of my current pieces of art I depict happy, healthy couples that are in love because I am currently in a happy, healthy, relationship full of love. I get messages from teens and others that are seeking a healthy relationship asking for advice. Here is an example of part of a message I recently received: “How do you become so open with someone else, so whole with yourself that you can be whole with another person?” . Back story to this illustration: The first time I got into a relationship was at around 16 that lasted 4 years and then I jumped right back into another 4 year relationship. At age 24 I moved into a little studio in Los Angeles (the one window I had faced a brick wall) I made myself a promise. I still remember that day. July 2014 I sat in the bathtub and told myself I will not date for one year and only concentrate on myself and my career. I actually posted about it on Instagram too. I don’t have family in California or many friends so it was a perfect time to really spend time alone getting to know myself and growing as a person spiritually and artistically. I worked really hard and took care of myself. I became my best friend. I learned how to be fully happy and content on my own. Kid you not, one year later in the same month I made that promise to myself I met @joeyrudman without even looking for a partner. He was introduced to me by @tiphanyadams because we all happened to be in the same place at the same time. So my answer to that is : Don’t worry about what hasn’t happened yet, concentrate on you. Concentrate on becoming self sufficient. Concentrate on your goals and your passion or the pursuit of finding what makes your soul speak. Give yourself deadlines and goals. Once you truly know who you are you will know what kind of person you want to spend your days with. You will be whole and fulfilled and anyone in your life will just be a beautiful bonus. ———————————————— Link in bio for art prints and originals. ??

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Drawing 42/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge. Sometimes I get hangry. I have two levels of hangry. 1. When I haven’t eaten much for a long period of time and 2. When I save a leftover to eat later and come to find someone else ate it. // 2. Hasn’t happened since I was living with my parents, one of my sisters would eat my leftovers and it drove me nuts. —————————————————— Tengo dos niveles de hambre. 1. Cuando no he comido mucho durante un período largo y 2. Cuando guardo comida para comer más tarde y voy a buscar y alguien más, se lo comío. // 2. No ha sucedido desde que vivía con mis padres, una de mis hermanas se comía mis sobras y me volvía loca. —————————————————— Time-lapse in the IG story.

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Так эти скетчи создаются

Во «вселенной» Аманды десятки жителей. Кажется, что это большой многоквартирный дом, в котором живут романтические пары и одиночки. Они смотрят кино, ругаются, проводят много времени на диване, на кухне и в рефлексии. Все как в жизни!


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