10 фотографий удивительной девушки, которая полюбила свое тело таким, какое оно есть

Молодая девушка из Пенсильвании Дана Фальцетти весит более 100 кг. Она занимается йогой и своим примером доказывает: гибкость тела не зависит от веса. То, чем кормят нас обложки модных журналов, — всего лишь одна сторона правды. На другой стороне Дана, которая буквально кричит нам: счастливой и спортивной можно быть в любом теле!

Я хорошо себя чувствую в своем теле, но так было не всегда. Мое тело резко изменилось в 12 лет. Мне было стыдно за себя, я весила больше своих друзей, не могла купить одежду там, где хотелось, и привлекала к себе лишнее внимание.

Сегодня у Даны 323 000 подписчиков в Instagram, свой подкаст и ученики.


Big bodies are capable. Many big bodies love to move. Many are strong. When given the chance many of us will gladly show you your assumptions about us have been planted and are false. I’m not mad at you for having those assumptions about me and my body or others, I had the same ones about myself because I was brainwashed too. And yet… many are runners, lifters, dancers, yoga practitioners, and everything in between just like anybody else. You might not see us on that clothing site, on that brand’s social media, in your favorite yoga magazine or wherever else. You might only see us in before and after photos, in ads for weight loss, in articles about health concern, as tokens, but we are out here for ourselves and deserving of this space. Your eye is trained to see us in these spaces and find us out of place. But we belong. We are capable. I never pursued strength or movement because I thought it wasn’t for me or was shamed and ridiculed for attempting either at essentially every point in life from grade school on. I saw and see the looks and hear the laughter. Of course people always change their tune when they see what I’m capable of – and doesn’t that just reiterate my point? Only valid if I can shock you out of your assumptions… but you know what? That’s alright. I’ll keep doing my thing and being shocking with my body, with my words, with my fire, and that’s exactly why I’m here. Literally here on instagram, and here as in existence. To live for me and never hold myself back. If I can give any insight to ignorance by existing, that’s cool. When I move and breathe I get to be fully connected to this amazing body I disassociated from for so long and it’s true peace. I don’t feel drawn to posting much asana these days, but when I look at this photo I smile because I feel peace. I see my path and how much work I’ve done for myself against many odds. I get to keep that no matter what anybody thinks and that’s the beauty of inner validation. Don’t underestimate those of us in big bodies just as we shouldn’t underestimate ourselves, and don’t judge or shame the ones that don’t impress you either. It’s our time and it’s been a long time coming @michelesuits

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Я взрослела, мое тело менялось из-за диет, отвращения к себе и пищевых расстройств. Вдруг мне стало сложно ощущать себя женщиной, я не вписывалась в общепринятые стандарты. Сейчас я вернулась к себе.


My body changes every day. It really does. I’ve been practicing for 5ish years and in that time my body has been bigger and smaller and in between. Every time I show up to practice it’s a new experience. People often ask me, especially during workshops, how I don’t get discouraged when I am met with my body on my mat – my answer is that it’s a part of my process. You can opt to strap your breasts out of the way or modify in other ways or nix certain postures that do more harm than good for you. All ahimsa, All valid. But also consider this – I LOVE having to manually move my belly to twist. Rotating thighs in or out. Shifting my breasts to the side or even struggling to breathe fully because of them. Taking a wider stance because that’s what works for me. Being smothered by my own body half the time. But that’s perfect for me. It’s a part of my experience and practice. It brings my focus inward, it keeps me present, keeps my mind calm. It’s not something to be annoyed by, it’s just a part of me. And I make it to the end of practice each time having struggled to breathe or move belly out of the way. Your body can limit you but your mind tells the story. Those were and continue to be some of the many the lessons that taught me I didn’t need to change this body, I needed to change my mind. Each day I show up and everything has changed, and that’s the point. The difference is now I know how to work with instead of against. And I know who I am. And all of it is beautiful Photo by @cheyennegil

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Я сильная, со мной весь мир. Во мне свет. Я выжила. Все, что останавливало меня и лишало меня ценности, только придало мне сил.


I always practice with my belly out. It’s not even actively intentional because it’s second nature to me now, but there are a variety of reasons I don’t get down with shirts. For one, and if you’ve met me you know, I am the sweatiest human and I don’t need that shirt sticking to me 2 sun sals in. Second reason is it’s a huge part of my self acceptance process. My belly is the part of my body I’ve always struggled with the most, I was more ashamed to have jiggle there than anywhere else on my body. So when I practice and experience being in my body fully, and I feel strong and experience grace, those are times I appreciate my body and having my belly out only makes me feel stronger. Lastly, and related, I do it to set an example. Because if for any reason you want to have your belly out, you can do just that and it doesn’t have to look like anything. You do not have to feel shame or undeserving. And if you think it might be a helpful step on your own path, I hope you feel empowered by others rocking their bellies out because we do need a tribe. We do need to see others who look like us and have similar experiences, striving and thriving and living proudly. I’m wearing @ideologyactive here, they run up to 3x, you can catch them at @macys , they do make shirts if you’re into that kinda thing… and dope sports bras… and this is #sponsored. #believeinmovement #bellyout

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И я процветаю, зная, что все, что останавливало меня, лишало меня ценности, теперь и есть моя сила. Без этих проблем я никогда бы не набралась смелости найти себя настоящую.

У меня большой вес. Я знаю свою ценность и мне плевать, если кто-то ее не видит.


I’ve spent my whole life not showing up for myself. If I don’t actively choose otherwise, my typical state is depression. I could be in bed all day, sleep forever, be alone until it hurts and I’m convinced nobody cares (they do, that’s my brain talking), taking a shower is a chore, eating is a chore (then I’d binge). When I started practicing it was the first time I found a way to consistently show up and it was the first time I acknowledged my bullshit. When I started traveling and teaching and this became my whole life, shit got crazy and my practice started to escape me until not showing up got really comfortable again. And here’s the thing – the darkest parts of myself, the version of me that doesn’t really serve me… that person is always with me and I can easily be that. Reactive, lacking awareness, self-loathing, self-hating. Don’t think for a second I don’t have that within me because I do. I have to actively choose otherwise. I have to actively feed and nourish the parts of me that serve me. So I’ve been getting back to consistent daily practice and it feels amazing and it’s so hard and I’m learning all over again. On top of that my body has changed, I’ve got more belly to work with, less space, so I have to create it, mind and body. What’s different this time around is I know I’m strong, I know I’m capable, I know my own habits and patterns and I learned it all on my mat. Back to exploring what’s possible. FYI – it’s ok if you fall off. You know how I say forgive yourself if you binge and move on in the direction that serves you? Same thing here. If you’ve been away for a while, make your peace so you can find your way back. We’re all just trying to do our best, myself included. Photo from @codyapp.

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How much can I share through a yoga photo? What do you see? I practiced at @the_yoga_garden with Gina this morning (I don’t make it to studio classes often) and found myself crying in savasana. Every so often I have a practice where I’m left feeling my own transformation so strongly I can’t help but cry. Sometimes I think I had tears backed up that I never let go and when I started practicing, they finally came to surface. It’s because I allowed myself to feel for the first time in my life. To connect with my body instead of wishing it wasn’t mine. My mat was the first place I experienced my own strength and will. And eventually these little lessons in showing up, in patience, led me to see my worth. All I ever wanted my whole life was to feel beautiful as the person I am. To feel some sense of grace. When I practice, I feel it. I feel my light, my beauty, my grace, my vulnerability, my power, my strength. I feel it so strongly that I can’t help but remember when I didn’t. Those were the years I wasn’t living. But I was learning. Still am. To commit to yourself, to forgive yourself, to be cool with who you are… for me these shifts indicated the true beginning of living my authentic life. This is just a small piece of the truth behind this photo. Pay attention to what you see… or perhaps what you’re looking for the next time you scroll past a yoga photo. Photo from my friends @codyapp… @mikefolden or @griff_j 🙂

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Hi friends! I’ve been nominated (thanks to you!) for this year’s @shortyawards in health and wellness. I found out about this a while ago and didn’t really mention it because I’m still weird about all this stuff, but I actually am very honored and grateful for this. Not for the recognition on my part, but the nomination itself it speaks to the value of this work. That it’s resonating, that’s it’s meant enough to enough of you to actually start changing the world. And I’m not doing it alone, and that is so awesome. I don’t need to win, I’m just thrilled that this kind of visibility exists. But if you feel like voting for me, there are 4 days left to do it and the link is in my bio. Thanks and so much love to all who not only support me, but manifest inspiration to your own lives. Living and enjoying and wearing that bikini and practicing yoga and doing all the things you never thought were for you. Y’all are the winners. I feel like I’ve already won more than I ever imagined possible because I love myself and in that, others can learn to do the same. Thank you! Photo by @michelesuits

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All of this. This photo inspires me so much. Be you all the way and be boldly bright about it because why shouldn’t you be? No worries if you fall, no worries if you look silly. There is no need to be afraid of failure. You are living. No worries if somebody else has an opinion of you that is anything less than loving and supportive. You will not resonate with everybody, you are not for everybody, and that’s awesome. The truth is that at the end of the day, if you can look in the mirror and know who you are and love it, know you’re a good and beautiful person with true intentions, that is all that matters. The rest will come and go, guaranteed. And that’s ok because your world changes when you change how you see, and it starts with how you see yourself. We start living when we stop hiding, when we stop telling ourselves we can’t or shouldn’t or let others convince us of the same. It’s your life, it’s right now, this really is it. Do all the things, be all the things, live so fully that you can’t help but exude love for the thrill of living. Allow the stunningly authentic lives of others to inspire you. There is nothing more incredible than seeing somebody live their truth, to experience somebody’s joy. When you look back you won’t be sad because you hated your body at the time or because you hated any part of who you are, but because you let it stop you from being the amazing person you are RIGHT NOW and always have been! I mean it. You are beautiful, you have everything to offer, you deserve the world, you are doing your best, your feelings are valid, you’re allowed to BE. Whatever you want. Whatever empowers you. Whatever makes you, you. Glorious photo of badass babes is from my New Orleans retreat, taken by the always inspiring @cheyennegil.

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